Rivers as Playground

The Restonica Valley is a 20-minute drive away and guests can enjoy canoeing on the nearby Vecchio River.

The area is popular with lovers of hiking, horseback riding and water sports.

To be made in the area


Le Verghellu

Starting from the iconic Eiffel Bridge, the Verghellu Canyon is one of the most playful descents in Corsica.
This canyon is open to children from age 9 and up.


Le Tavignano

Descend the Tavignano by way of a canyon characterised by its water features and accessibility to all. Discover the region of Corte and its rivers of incredible colors.


Le Vecchio - Special famille

 In Vivario, the Vecchio River offers a perfect area to play and make an acquatic journey that is tailored for families and children ages 6 and up. Share the fun of canyoning with your family in complete security

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