Art & Nature in the heart of Corsica


Less than 30 minutes from the superb beach of Cateraghju and the Restonica gorges, a remarkable site classified as a Unesco World Heritage Site, the E Caselle hotel is as much a hotel close by the sea as a hotel in the mountains.

A family history

Established in 1966 in Venaco in the heart of the Corsican regional nature park on 10 hectares of scrub and pine forest. Built in an arm of the river U Vecchju (which gives access to the 2 beautiful beaches), by Jean Pagni, its founder, the hotel & restaurant E Caselle is inspired by the traditional pastoral building of Venaco, with its stone buildings and its lines designed by Pierre Pucinelli, renowned architect.

A place of art

Now run by his sons, Christophe, Jean Emmanuel and their spouses, the hotel adds a cultural dimension to its charm. Enhanced with the works of contemporary artists, it is also the venue for eclectic events, concerts, residencies for artists, visual artists, authors, cinema, and theatre.
It is here that artists come to find inspiration in contact with a nature preserved from any construction.

An Eco-responsable approach

In the exceptional setting we have, the hotel has naturally encouraged its owners to adopt an eco-responsible approach, with the Rispettu label, with the establishment of gardens on permanent land and the use of reasoned and short-distance supplies. In this context, we have also chosen not to equip the rooms, nor the hotel, with air conditioning.

An exceptional stopover

This small, charming hotel, with its different types of accommodation, its well-tended restaurant, its swimming pool, its beaches by the river and its very central location is the ideal hotel for a stopover of several days in the heart of Corsica.

Hôtel E Caselle
Art & Nature au coeur de la Corse

De l’hôtel, découverte des sites naturels corse (massifs, rivières, lacs, étangs, plages…),
des villages de montagne, de la Restonica inscrit au patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO,
du site antique d’Aléria, du patrimoine architectural corse, de la culture pastorale…

Séjours de 3 nuits minimum idéal pour découvrir les richesses de la région.

Gorges de la Restonica
Patrimoine Mondial de l’Unesco

Circuit du Boziu
(en voiture)

Site antique d’Aleria

Etang et plage de Diana

Etang et plage de Urbinu